Sunday, November 20, 2011

US Marine Sergeant Scott Moore enjoys an evening with Mila Kunis

The Marine invited Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball via YouTube. She accepted and they went in style...Bravo Zulu !

Belle of the ball! Mila Kunis smoulders in stunning black gown at Marine Corps gala
By Anita Bennett - UK Mail
20th November 2011

It's proving to be quite the celebrity trend with Justin Timberlake and Kristen Cavallari among the famous faces attending military balls in recent weeks.

And last night it was the turn of Mila Kunis, who added Hollywood glamour to the annual Marine Corps Ball in tiny Greenville, North Carolina.

The Black Swan star arrived at the gala wearing a fitted black gown

According to local television station WNCT, the Oscar-nominated actress was quickly greeted by her date, Sergeant Scott Moore as she walked into the North Carolina Convention Center.
Even the military brass there seemed honoured to have the star in their midst.

'She’s going to get a chance to learn about the Marine Corps and were all going to have a great time celebrating the Marine Corps birthday,' Captain Scott Sasser told WNCT.

When asked about the event's significance, Sasser added: 'They're celebrating all of our Marine Corps history as well as the accomplishments and sacrifices they make while overseas and celebrating the lives of the fallen marines and sailors they lost while the were over there.'

Mila's date, Sgt Moore, just recently returned to the U.S. from seven months of service in Afghanistan.

He sent the actress an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball via YouTube in July while he was in Afghanistan.

In the video Sgt Moore said: 'Hey Mila, it's Sgt. Moore, but you can call me Scotty.'

Dressed in combat gear he added: 'I just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the Marine Corps Ball with yours truly. Take a second to think about it and get back to me. All right, bye now.'

The gathering was bittersweet after Moore's unit, lost seven of their own overseas.

While the media was not allowed inside the Ball, Mila posted pictures from the gathering on her website. Moore's unusual invitation sparked a wave of service members to invite celebrities to attend Marine Corps Balls around the country.

Justin Timberlake, who pressured his Friends with Benefits co-star to accept the invitation during an interview about their then-upcoming movie received his own YouTube invitation shortly after Kunis

The Grammy award-winning singer and actor accompanied Cpl. Kelsey De Santis to her Marine Corps ball last weekend in Richmond, Virginia.

Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari also attended a Marine Corps ball last night near Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

Cavallari attended per the request of Lance Cpl. Jonathan Burkett, who invited her around the same time Kunis received an invitation

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