Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Scott Brown effect & " All Politics is local "

Things are moving in the right direction politically here in the bluest of blue states. Voters are finally seeing that having one party dominate the political landscape is NOT best for the taxpayers or citizens.

Case in point, US Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts. He was known in his district as a State Rep. and a State Senator but not much well known statewide. He put his message out to the voters and was elected to the Senate seat that Ted Kennedy had held for over 48 years. The voters were starting to see that they needed someone who would speak for them and not just lock step to what the Democratic majority wanted.

2nd case in point is much more local, as there was an election to fill a vacant state rep's seat in my home district. The seat had been held by a democrat for over 30 years. A son of a well known political family ran with backing from the Unions.

HE LOST even though he out spent his opponent, a not as well known citizen who decided that we needed someone who could make a difference. The Unions bet heavy that they would get their candidate in but lost as voters saw that having another rubber stamp in place for the Unions was not in the best interest of the district.

IF we can get the voters to see this with the nationwide elections next November, there is a better chance for our country to move forward. If we stay as it is now, with an ineffective President and a do-nothing Senate controlled by the Democrats, we will be stuck in place. We need to elect people who will work to really make a change, not just lecture us and call us "lazy" like the President does.

It can happen and it did happen here in Massachusetts. Let's make it happen for the rest of the country too. Former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil said, " All Politics is local." He was right.

Lakeville Republican Keiko Orrall won after being outspent
State House News Service
Posted Nov 22, 2011

LAKEVILLE Lakeville Republican Keiko Orrall bucked a campaign finance trend by defeating an opponent who outspent her during the run up to a special election in September.

Orrall’s win flipped the 12th Bristol seat from Democratic control for the first time in more than 30 years. In addition to New Bedford and Lakeville, the district includes parts Taunton, Middleboro and Freetown.

Campaign finance statistics released Monday show Middleboro Democrat Roger Brunelle, a commercial and industrial painter and 19-year member of a painters union, outspent Orrall, $39,727 to $26,179 and also benefited from $11,475 in independent expenditures from the Massachusetts Teachers Association and $6,301 from 1199 SEIU. Brunelle also received support from Lt. Gov. Tim Murray.

Orrall’s campaign contributions included $8,636 from the Marlborough Republican City Committee and $3,241 from the Republican State Committee.

Orrall won the seat given up by Stephen Canessa, a New Bedford Democrat who left to take a post at Southcoast Health Systems. Voters in Lakeville turned out in greater numbers than nearby New Bedford precincts, choosing Orrall by a three-to-one margin.

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