Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Musings

While there are news stories worthy of note, I felt like posting some Sunday Musings:

- We are losing the WW2 Vets at an alarming rate. Do the math - as WW2 started 70 years ago (70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor in December 2011), if you were in WW2, you have to be at least 85 years old.

- Occupy Wall Street and other cities have made a fuss but no real change in the political landscape. The movement has been beset with negative actions of individuals who have given them a black eye. The Tea Party protested but went home and went back to work. The Occupy movement needs to produce something substantial besides a major mess in each city where they reside.

- The NFL rules. NFL games have gotten the highest ratings this fall of any TV shows. Today we have PATRIOTS vs. STEELERS. An awesome contest and the game of the week as far as I am concerned. PATS by 7.

- The Presidential Election in 2012 is about one year away and Americans see the POLS (on both sides of the aisle) as inept, ineffective and largely the cause of our problems. Incumbents will be dumped in record numbers, starting with the President and his minions. Start packing Mr. President as there is nothing you can attempt to do in the next 12 months that will change people's opinions that you are the most inept of all POLS.

- Snow hit the Northeast and as expected, those living inland in PA, NY, MA & CT got the worst of it. Those along the coast got wind & rain but little snow. Living near the ocean has always been the best place to be regardless of the season. The mountains are beautiful and I enjoy visiting, but the coast is the place to be.

- The Bruins are off to a slow start. The Stanley Cup champs need to get in the game and prove that 2011 was not a one-off. Boston will do better.

- Enjoy the day. Time is the one item we cannot get back as much as we would like to and it is the item we need to spend wisely.

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