Friday, October 14, 2011

Help the US Marines Bring " Bill " Home

Marines have a soft spot for dogs, especially when they find one in need of help. In this case, it was the only surviving pup of a litter of 6 found in Afghanistan. I have enclosed the website address if you are able to donate and help them.

Bravo Zulu and SEMPER FI to these Marines for making the effort to bring " Bill " home.

Please go to their website to donate -

TOUGH PUP: Houston-based Marines found Bill while on patrol in Afghanistan, the lone survivor of a litter of six.

Pup adopted by Marines bound for Houston ball

An orphaned puppy turned Marine mascot soon will make his way from Afghanistan to the United States to be reunited with his platoon - just in time for the Marine Corps ball in November.

Bill, a mutt, was rescued by the Houston-based 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, while 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company, was on patrol. He was the lone survivor of a litter of six puppies when the reservists adopted him July 13.

Bill was just 9 days old. His eyes were still shut.

Marine Reserve Sgt. Jon Staffen made it his mission to raise the necessary funds to bring Bill to Staffen's home in Dayton, in Liberty County. Staffen and his platoon returned to Houston on Saturday after a seven-month combat tour.

Staffen said he and the other Marines kept Bill in a box that had held ready-to-eat meals, and had a 24-hour rotation to care for and feed the frail pup. They used a medical syringe and the finger of a plastic glove to feed him cow's milk, the sergeant said.

"It was really comical at times," Staffen admitted. "We got caught up in taking care of him. Here we are, Marine grunts, cheering when he took his first steps."

They didn't want to leave Bill behind at the end of their deployment, but there were military rules against taking him home.

CBS correspondent Lara Logan offered to help them out, and flew the dog via military air to Kabul, where he's been staying in a rescue shelter.

Staffen said he has raised more than the $3,500 he'll need to get Bill to the United States. He's now working on Bill's travel arrangements.

The goal is to get the dog transported in time for the Nov. 5 ball in Houston, where Bill is expected to be the guest of honor.

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