Saturday, September 11, 2010

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE??? Thugs overseas burn our flag - Where is the condemnation for their actions from our President????

Nine Years ago today, we were all in shock. The nation & the world watched as the Barbarians stabbed at our heart. They thought we would be mortally wounded, but they were wrong. A Japanese Admiral figured it out right after Japan struck us at Pearl Harbor:

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." — Japanese Naval Marshal General Isoroku 12/07/41

Al Qada accomplished the same thing, as they filled us with a "terrible resolve" to rid the world of their filthy existence. We are now 9 years into the struggle to stop these thugs who are trying to use the Muslim Religion as justification for their criminal acts.

On this day, we saw ceremonies and many recall the day. We also saw the media act as Enabler, as a Florida Preacher acted out and stirred up Muslims with the threat (threat) to burn the Quran.

In response, Muslims went out and burnt (as in actually did it, not just threaten to) American Flags. There were many burnt in countries like Pakistan (who we send billions of aid $$$), Afghanistan (where our sons & daughters die in defense of Afghanistan) and England (where the good British citizens had to watch idiots act out on their streets).

MY question is " WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?". A Florida preacher "threatened" to burn the QURAN.....he didn't do it - just threatened to. The idiots overseas in multiple countries mentioned BURNED our flag.....they didn't threaten to, they DID IT! So, I ask again, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?? Why are our Allies silent??? Why is the Governments of the countries where the flag-burning happened quiet??? WHY isn't the burning of our flag as offensive as a threat to burn their holy book???

Americans and many others should treat this as a greater outrage than a threat to burn the Quran. There should be as much condemnation from our President (a.k.a. Mr. Empty Suit) for the burning of our flag. Instead, he acts like a substitute school teacher who cannot control his classroom and scolds the American people to be patient. MR. PRESIDENT, you SHOULD condemn those idiots overseas burning OUR FLAG as quickly as you are willing to lecture us about tolerance. It is your JOB to defend our symbols, ya know???

WE (America) stand by while we get slapped in the face by idiots who do not represent Muslims, only stupidity. We allow the thugs with guns to act out and we do not punish their actions.

As one who has defended the flag at the risk of my life while in uniform, I AM OUTRAGED. I feel that the actions of these idiots should be reprimanded, and we should show that a "threat" to defile the Quran cannot be a "free-pass" to burn our flag, act out or not be accountable for their actions.

I say hit them where it hurts, take back the aid until the Governments of the Muslim Nations stop these idiots from acting like burning our flag is not as offensive to us as it would be to them if the Preacher in Florida actually burned the Quran.

I'll ask the question again - WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

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Ron Snyder said...

BHO would only condemn burning Muslim objects, not Christian or American.