Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Royal Navy to share aircraft carriers with the French - Have the BRITS lost their minds?

THIS is the prime reason why Americans are not interested in modeling ourselves after the " European" way of doing things....The Euro has been a terrible idea as proven by how strong economies like Germany have to pay for the irresponsible ones like Greece.....and now, this is only one more warning sign that we need to steer clear of anything that resembles the European model.

Our forefathers established this country after seeing how poorly things were done back in Europe. I salute their foresight and also stand steadfastly with them on our sovereignty and independence.

If the Liberal Elite in our country like the European way of doing things so much, they can move there. The United States is a steadfast ally of Britain & France but will always maintain it's military Independence. As JFK quoted Pericles in his speech before the Massachusetts Legislators in 1961, "We do not imitate," Pericles said of Athens, "but are a model for others."

Sage words from a true warrior. The USA is also a model for others and should not imitate. EVER.

Barking mad! Storm of protest over controversial call for Royal Navy to share aircraft carriers with the French

By Ian Drury Sept. 1, 2010 UK Daily Mail

A proposal for Britain and France to share their aircraft carriers was last night described as 'barking mad' by military experts.

Fury erupted after it was claimed that David Cameron was preparing to announce the measure in an attempt to save money.

Sources in Whitehall said it would allow the Ministry of Defence to downgrade or even scrap one of the two 65,000ton replacement carriers being built at a cost of £5.2billion.

It is believed the proposal will be announced by David Cameron (left) and French President Nicholas Sarkozy (right) in November

But critics said the plan would jeopardise the UK's military independence and place security of the nation in the hands of France, our oldest enemy. Commander John Muxworthy, a Falklands veteran-who is chief executive of the UK National Defence Association - which campaigns to ensure the Armed Forces have the right weapons and equipment - branded the plan 'absolutely barking MAD'.

He said: 'Sharing aircraft carriers with the French is a cute idea but it is highly impractical and certainly not in the national interest.

'When push came to shove, France would put its own national interest first. We would lose national independence.

'The Royal Navy is Britain's oceangoing police force, and if you haven't got a proper police force you are going to get robbed.'

An MoD insider said: 'We could find ourselves in a very difficult situation if we wanted to carry out an operation using the French carrier, and it was blocked by politicians in Paris.

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