Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ROE for War should not be set by Lawyers

The need for better ROE (Rules Of Engagment) is paramount to lowering casualties in our Military. I say let Eric Holder go out for a few patrols and see how he feels about the ROE when his stupid Arse is the one on the line.....
REMF idjits making decisions that put Soldiers & Marines lives in danger is one of the biggest issues we have in fighting any conflict....Let the Soldiers set up ROE & other battle rules and keep the pampered arse nancy-boy lawyers back in the beltway out of their way.....We are engaged in a War and our troops should be able to take the fight to the enemy....
And this whole issue of not using the words " Islamic Extremists" is just a pile of BS.....That is what they are. You use language to communicate the meaning of people,concepts, things, etc. by calling them what they are - They ARE "Islamic Extremists" so that is the term we should use to describe them.

If we don't get the lawyers outta the way, there will be a lot more people killed, on both sides, and more families who will endure the cost of the ulitimate sacrifice. WW2 and other conflicts were won because we let the American Military fight wars as they should be fought,. lawyers be damned.

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