Monday, July 5, 2010

Nature's Fireworks....A Heavenly Display

The fireworks we get here in AFGHN run in two distinct varieties...There are the type that no one likes....Incoming Fire sent by the miscreants that are trying to destablize the Government and kill innocents.....Not what you want see....

Then there are the ones everyone likes.....The brilliant tapestry of the night sky at a FOB where there is no artificial light to mar the beauty that God has made across the heavens.....I have been to a few of these "Black" FOBs where there are no lights allowed at night, mainly for security.

Take a good luck at the enclosed photo - It was taken at a camp near on it and marvel at what you can see when you get away from civilization.....Take in the beauty that most of us never get to see often enough....

Like I've said, there aren't too many extras out here, but this is one of them.

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