Saturday, March 27, 2010


Each day in the warzone has the potential to be a GOOD day or a BAD Day. The key indicator is where the flag is when you get up in the morning

When you get up and the flag is at full mast, it will be a good day. When you get up and the flag is at half mast, you know it will be a bad day. The flag tells the tale and is a visible reminder of the reality of being here in Afghanistan.

I look each morning as I am hopeful that our flag is at full mast. Too many times, I am disappointed. The greater disappointment is experienced by a family back home who now must deal with many terrible days ahead. We, as American have always known the cost of defending freedom and have always understood that while we pay for that Freedom today, the dividends are reaped by future generations. Families of servicemembers understand that also and willing send their sons & daughters to defend Freedom around the world.

Our Forefathers understood this and paid mightily for the freedoms we now take for granted. The Military community and their families understand the significance of where the flag stands on the pole and the "real" cost of what it symbolizes. Each day, think about where the flag stands on the mast and be grateful for each good day, and hopeful that we will have less bad days ahead.

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