Friday, August 9, 2013

Summertime and this Blogger has been busy ( just not blogging)

Apologies all around for my lengthy absence...Guess after getting off my deployment in late May, the last thing I have wanted to do is sit down at my laptop....Blogspot & IE were not talking either so that didn't help. Got a new roof done in July with a lot of sweat equity by yours truly....sorely needed and glad to have it done. Further projects in the offing ( vinyl siding, new windows, etc) so no rest for the wicked ( or the weary) - Much work needed to the homestead after three years absence overseas Still posting on Twitter as often as possible - my handle is @Leadership_One - Check it out in Twitter-ville Still working on my manuscript for book about my experiences in Afghanistan....We'll see if cooler weather gets me back behind the laptop as I want to epublish it soon as possible Hope all are enjoying Summer as much as I am..... I'll be back.....


Anum Hafeez said...

Can't decent countries just put the US on lock-down When are we going to address the REAL problems: Mental illness and our violence loving culture? It's pretty easy to say, 'Ban guns!' but you could ban every legal gun in the country and we'd STILL have things like this happen. Calling for a ban on guns is intellectually lazy. It just sounds so easy. If we ban guns, how are we going to convince criminals to turn them in? Trade them for Chia Pets, maybe? As long as we encourage a gangsta culture where 'capping' people is glorified, we ALL have ourselves to blame - not just the gun owners. As long as we do such a poor job of identifying and treating the mentally ill, we ALL have ourselves to blame - not just the gun owners. Until people are willing to address the causes of this kind of violence, we're just going to continue to have one side calling for gun bans and the other side saying not gonna happen and no one gets anywhere.


Anum Hafeez
World News

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