Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sheeple and why I listen to my " Sheepdog " Instincts

Most people will follow what others offer them way too easy.

The term " Sheeple " was coined by someone who correlated the way that people willingly follow what is offered to them, without thought of what they are following.
They act like Sheep and usually act with the same blind obedience as a sheep would. Germany in the 1930s & 1940s is a historic instance where this happened to an entire nation.

Now, we have this South Korean Rapper named Psy who the media and all the entertainment idiots have raised to the heights of stardom based on one video he made. One not particularly good video either - Youtube has recorded the largest number of hits on his video ever.

My "sheepdog" instincts were raised as I saw a pasty faced Korean Rapper with minimal talent and the whole world acting like this guy was the best thing next to sliced bread.  I didn't see anything on that level, so why were all these fools fawning all over him??  His talent was minimal ( like most rappers) and he was not exactly what I would call a compelling performer.

Now, we find out the real truth and why my "sheepdog" instincts knew there was something wrong with what was being offered up to us by the media idjits.  This Korean idiot is another in a long line of America haters who made statements that are more than hurtful.  This idiot wrote lyrics in 2004 calling for the death of US Military and their families

I quote:

Kill those f---ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those f---ing Yankees who ordered them to torture
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
Kill them all slowly and painfully

If this kind of crap doesn't make your blood boil, I seriously question your patriotism.

As a Rapper, he follows in a long line of other Rappers who like to think they can say things that are highly offensive, and not have it effect them professionally. I have a clue for you dumbass, the real world doesn't work that way.  Your words matter. Those who care about our country and our military will hold you to your statements.

This dirtbag from South Korea apologized once he was outed by Michelle Malkin and I thank her for that.  Exposing this cretin and his unethical BS was sorely needed.

As a OIF Combat Veteran, and on behalf of all Veterans who were killed defending freedom (including the freedom of this low-life scumbag) who are unable to be here to comment, your apology is NOT accepted nor will it ever be accepted. If it wasn't for the American Military, the only thing you would be rapping about is living under North Korean oppression.
You can take your Rap BS and get the hell out of our country.  You are not welcome in our country, especially by those who value our freedom and value all those who protect that freedom.

His upcoming appearance at the White House shows that the other idiot in Washington, DC has just as little care for how actions effect others.  Obama has done crap in his past he has never owned up to also.  They are a perfect pair of unethical immoral putzes, and symbols of what is really wrong with our country that anyone would want to listen to anything either of them would ever say.

I believe in our country and I support our military always.  If you don't, that is fine but don't expect me to offer support or buy the products of a low life dirtbag like this fat, pasty faced Korean idiot, regardless of how much the media fools fawn all over him.  The media idiots who support him can join him as they have proven to be nothing more than unethical charlatans. 

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