Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prayers and Concerns - Sent and Recieved / Sunrise in Kandahar, Afghanistan Part 2

The other day, I posted a quick note to this blog along with a picture of the sunrise here in Kandahar, Afghanistan -  I had sent the same picture to some close friends back home with the same info I had blogged about how we here in Afghanistan were concerned for our fellow citizens back home and how they were effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Well, yesterday I got a note back from a fellow veteran who had shared my note and picture with some of the people he knows back home.

Here is what he sent back to me - The note is from a police department dispatcher who has been pulling 16 hours shifts the last few days. I wanted to share her reply....

Thank you for sharing. That was a beautiful sunrise and it struck me funny. 
How kind (your friend's) words and thoughts were. It struck me funny because you know everyday, I pray for our Troops, Veterans and their loved ones. They are always on my mind, their safety, their well being, & peace of mind, their families and loved ones here. I think of them all alot. 
You know I have "my things". Whether its the flags and signs on the front lawn or standing as a Patriot Guard at the funerals, supporting those left here while their loved ones are over there you know my heart, thoughts and prayers are for the kids (of all ages) in the military.
 It was a beautiful sunrise but it sure tickled me that one of those awesome (people) over there had us in the way of Sandy in his thoughts and prayers. Luckily Sandy only slapped us around on the cape and didn't full out kick our asses. I have been griping about all the people who have done stupid things during the storm and being upset with all the people who have called in bitching about the inconvenience of no power, trees down, wires down, no phones, etc, moving barricades from closed beach roads and driving thru because they wont detour and go around. 
I have listened to and dealt with it for two days, telling the really pushy ones how lucky they have it, they could be over in Afghanistan and really dealing with hardships. So to come home tonight and see that (your friend) is over there and thinking of us here struck me funny and one of the sweetest things that has come my way in quite some time.
So thanks - you put the smile in my heart tonight.
THIS is the power of what we can do when we think of others and what it means just to send along a quick note of concern and a prayer that others are safe.  Think of how much greater we could be if all shared her sentiment??
My Mom's three favorite words were : Kindness, Consideration & Courtesy.  She told us over and over again these were the things that would make a difference in how we lived our lives.
So to my friend's first responder friend on Cape Cod - right back at ya !!  I appreciate that others are worried & concerned about us.  I am glad to send along my best wishes, thoughts and prayers to all effected by Hurricane Sandy.  I hope to hear better news as the days pass and people try to pick up the pieces.
Here is another picture of the sunrise here in Afghanistan that I took.....a beautiful sky in a land where too many are facing tough days also - To all back home, be well - you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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