Friday, May 4, 2012

A Lesson from retired General Stanley McChrystal on Design, Teamwork and Leadership

I came across an issue of  Fast Company Magazine back when I was traveling for business and was intrigued with some of the best business writing I had ever seen.  These guys were writing on aspects of business that Forbes and others missed.  They changed the game of what business analysis/writing was and it made things better.

The enclosed video is from their website and features retired General Stanley McChrystal who led the Joint Special Operations Command.  He laid the groundwork for all the tactics we use in Iraq/Afghanistan and was instrumental in the War on Terror.  He got sacked because of the Rolling Stone article that gave a rather unflattering view of POTUS and how McChrystal felt about the administration.

The enclosed is a great mini-leadership lesson.  I would follow General McChrystal into battle as he is the real deal.  Obama is not and the difference in who is a real leader and who is not is plain to see for anyone.  Guys like McChrystal earned everything he has because he worked hard and sacrificed.  That is why his leadership lessons are the best you can get.  The Vactioner-In-Chief, not at all.  Take a listen, it is well worth your time.

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