Monday, February 13, 2012

I got nothing....Winter Doldrums

Spent some time this morning looking for the issue of the day to comment on.....and I got nothin'.

Yes, Obama's budget is out (more overspending with money we don't have), Whitney Houston died tragically ( and predictably based on her issues), the world is still making a mess of things and we are approaching an election cycle more divided than ever.

So what could I comment on ?? There is too much bad news and not enough news that makes it worthy to make note of.....Guess this is part of the winter doldrums. We see things through a wintry lense and have trouble being optimistic until Spring makes it entrance.

SPRING is on the way. That is the best thing I can offer today. About a month from now we will be well into mid-March. Can't come soon enough.

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