Friday, February 18, 2011

Massachusetts angling to deprive citizens of their 2012 Primary Vote ....more crappola from Obama's Buddy Deval "Spend-it-all" Patrick

The budget is now being used as justification for elimination of the 2012 Primaries??

This coming out of Massachusetts (with Obama's Buddy Governor "Spend-it-all Deval Patrick).....Funny how the OBOTS are backing the UNIONS but want to take away the citizens right to vote.

We have enough money to give the retiring Chief of Massport a $450K payment of Unused Sicktime and a $200K a year pension but we can't pay for the Presidential Primary??

This is how the DEMS show people that their vote doesn't count because they will gin up a "crisis" and use that as a reason to deprive people of their Constitutional Right to VOTE.....and people wonder why we didn't want to re-elect the fool that resides in our State House??

Not enough money for a 2012 primary?
A handful of states, including Massachusetts, are considering abolishing their presidential primaries — mainly because there's not enough money in the budget:
Politico Blog - Ben Smith

Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin says there’s not enough money to run a primary in March 2012, according to Gov. Deval Patrick’s budget for the next fiscal year.

“The number that was submitted by the governor despite the fact that he suggested, or his administration suggested, that it would be a 2 percent cut, in fact is a far more drastic cut. My budget will go down anyways for the coming fiscal year in the elections area because we have one fewer election in the upcoming fiscal year than we did in the last. But nevertheless, it’s a problem to run this March 6, 2012 event based upon the numbers they’ve submitted,” Galvin told WBZ.

The result of a state abolishing its presidential primary would likely be a state-party funded caucus system — but those state parties could also choose a different nomination method

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