Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back to work in KAF

Enjoyed a great R&R over the past two weeks and now like anyone else, I have to get back to the business of business.....should be a busy few months ahead.

No worries as work here in AFGHN is plentiful as the war is going full speed ahead.

Hopefully, more Americans will get the chance to get back to work as the unemployment numbers are still grim and show no sign of letting up anytime soon...

From the Washington Times:

" The official U.S. unemployment rate rose from 9.7 percent in March to 9.9 percent in April, even as the economy added 290,000 jobs. This happened because a number of unemployed Americans who had stopped looking for work decided to try to re-enter the job force last month. They are called "discouraged" workers. They were not counted as unemployed because, according to the Labor Department, you're unemployed only if a) you're out of work and b) you've looked for work in the previous four weeks. A whole bunch of people who had stopped looking for work started again last month, increasing the size of the labor pool. Not all of them found work, so the unemployment rate ticked up.

That's good news, but that said, a truer measure of U.S. unemployment also increased last month. If you also include all of the people who are still discouraged and all of those who want to work full time but can find only part-time work, that unemployment rate in April was 17.1 percent, a rate that has increased since the beginning of the year and is approaching its all-time high of 17.4 percent, hit in October "

What this means is mainly that the average worker will not see raises, fall behind on paying the bills (as they won't earn more as they need to spend more for the basics), and last but not least, people like me will be forced to continue to work overseas as there is no real prospect of getting paid a decent wage back home....ugh!

This will all be an interesting scenario heading to the Fall Elections....until then, all will persevere to do the best for our families. And so it goes.....

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