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Here's a list about common words/phrases that Sailors use which may not translate well to those not in the Navy.

Just as a Caveat, there may be harsh language contained in these definitions, but then again, we sometimes swear like Sailors. Figure out where that one came from....

SAILOR: Kiss my ass
ENGLISH: Roger, I'll be happy to do that for you

SAILOR: F&%king waaaaaa
ENGLISH: I'm sorry to hear about your problem, any way I can help?

ENGLISH: Bathroom

SAILOR: Scuttlebut
ENGLISH: Drinking fountain or a rumor


SAILOR: Overhead
ENGLISH: Ceiling

SAILOR: Bulkhead

SAILOR: Are you f&$king serious?
ENGLISH: So you knew this was due today 4 days ago? No problem, I'll get on it.

SAILOR: I'm going to choke the s&%t out of you.
ENGLISH: Perhaps I wasn't clear, let me explain further and answer your question.

SAILOR: Who puked in the warming trays?
ENGLISH: Wow, dinner looks interesting.

SAILOR: Come here, turn around, and let me slap you in the back of the head.
ENGLISH: You're assertion is wrong, let me correct you.

SAILOR: Five and dime
ENGLISH: Watch schedule consisting of 5 hours on watch, 10 hours off watch.

SAILOR: Port and Stupid
ENGLISH: Watch rotation consisting of 6 hours on watch, 6 hours off watch.

SAILOR: Port/Starboard
ENGLISH: Left/Right respectively

SAILOR: Soup Sandwich
ENGLISH: Out of standards, substandard

SAILOR: All f&%ked up.
ENGLISH: Out of the norm, most Obama supporters.

SAILOR: Sloppy bag of guts
ENGLISH: Overweight

SAILOR: Mandatory Fun
ENGLISH: Recreational event in which attendance is required, not optional.

SAILOR: Climb in my tree for a few
ENGLISH: Go to sleep for a while

SAILOR: Down for maintenance, In the bag, In the pit, 10 toes vertical

SAILOR: Who's dumbass idea was that?
ENGLISH: Well maybe there's a better way.

SAILOR: Did your parents have any children that lived?
ENGLISH: Your idea/performance could be improved.

SAILOR: Tag, you're it
ENGLISH: The responsibility is now yours.

SAILOR: You better remember who you're talking to ass wipe.
ENGLISH: Your tone could be more respectful when dealing with a Senior.

SAILOR: Piss poor planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on mine
ENGLISH: Perhaps you should have thought of this sooner, now I can't help.

SAILOR: Go ahead and give me your chit so I can wipe my ass with it.
ENGLISH: Perhaps this document will not be approved and your request is denied.

SAILOR: Liberty
ENGLISH: Time off


SAILOR: Go pi$$ up a rope
ENGLISH: I can't do that for you

ENGLISH: Working in an elevated position

SAILOR: Stand by for incoming fire
ENGLISH: I'm now going to correct you in a loud tone of voice

ENGLISH: Jet fuel, also can describe coffee that's a bit strong

SAILOR: This is a f&%king catastrophe
ENGLISH: We are all out of coffee at the moment

SAILOR: Scuttle
ENGLISH: To sink a ship, also an emergency hatch

SAILOR: Monkey s&%t
ENGLISH: Sticky substance used to make seams water tight

SAILOR: Deck Ape
ENGLISH: A Boatswain's Mate. A person responsible for lines, rigging, painting, and maintaining the deck equipment and exterior of the ship.

SAILOR: Pecker Checker
ENGLISH: Ship's medical personnel

SAILOR: Ladder
ENGLISH: Stair well


ENGLISH: Steel braided cable (figure that one out!!)

SAILOR: What the hell are you babbling about?
ENGLISH: I never got the document/message in question

SAILOR: This s&%t is like herding cats
ENGLISH: You're performing in a disorganized manner

SAILOR: Heave out
ENGLISH: Get out of bed

SAILOR: Bilge Rats
ENGLISH: Personnel working in engineering/propulsion spaces

SAILOR: Stupid Ground Pounders
ENGLISH: US Army personnel (sorry honey!)

SAILOR: Jarheads
ENGLISH: Marines

SAILOR: Chair Force
ENGLISH: Air Force

ENGLISH: Sailor, this is actually complimentary if WE use it on each other

SAILOR: Thanks, you just torpedoed my ass
ENGLISH: You've ensured I'll receive all the blame

SAILOR: Butt Shark
ENGLISH: Kiss up

SAILOR: Get out of my kool aid if you don't know the flavor dumb ass
ENGLISH: If you aren't sure what I'm referring to, perhaps you can abstain from the conversation.
SAILOR: Smokers
ENGLISH: Boxing on the flight deck, good way to get rid of stress

ENGLISH: Plan of the day, we call it Plan of Deception because it's NEVER right

ENGLISH: 1 step below God in the US Navy

SAILOR: Ensign
ENGLISH: Lowest ranking officer, or the American Flag when flown on a ship

SAILOR: Captain
ENGLISH: The CO of a ship (regardless of rank) or an officer of the O-6 paygrade, equal to a Colonel in the Army.

SAILOR: Death by Power Point
ENGLISH: Instructional class room presentation


SAILOR: Deployment Queen
ENGLISH: A woman who is much more attractive than normal simply because you're out at sea (normally ugly)

SAILOR: Get out of my f%&*ing sight
ENGLISH: Perhaps you should go elsewhere for the moment

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