Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have tried to stay away from Politics in this Blog because it is one issue where things get ugly and there is enough of that elsewhere. I would rather talk about cars, old Jeeps, Warbirds, etc.

The continuing whine about RACE & Racism in politics is really, really, really getting tired. The RACE Card is as dumb as calling your opponent a "NAZI"....Both tactics are beneath contempt and show true lack of intellect. Take a point & defend it. Leave the mud slinging out of it.

That said, Obama was elected but he is NOT the right person for this job or times. He has surrounded himself with others who are not competent enough to do their jobs either ( Biden, Politano, Gietner, etc.) and they think because we don't follow their lead, we are/must be racists.

They are false leaders. Like others of their ilk - Oprah, Dr. Phil, Romney, Rush, etc. They are not the right people to be in Leadership roles. They don't have the skills necessary or the intestinal fortitude to make the key decisions.

NONE of them could hold a match to people like FDR, Churchill, Truman, IKE, or JFK.

The movie Blue Thunder featured Roy Schieder & his young side kick who he tagged with the name "JAFO". The kid couldn't figure it out until he was let in on the joke.

JAFO - Just Another F*&kin' Observer -

President JAFO ain't getting it done.

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